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Welcome to Glamour Girls Model Agency

Our models can be hired for TV and Film, Catalogues, Promotions, Spruiking, Acting, Photography, Portfolios, Parades and any other jobs requiring friendly, honest, open, natural, attractive and creative people. See pix of Glamour Girls at work.


We are both a conventional, location-based business, head-quartered in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia and an Online Business, directed primarily at the Australia-wide modelling market but potentially able to service the global, online modelling market as well.

Glamour Girls model agency charges reasonable rates and seeks to provide affordable, accessible, honest, open, friendly, caring and professional service to both its models and model-hiring clients. Models in Canberra and surrounding areas may take advantage of Glamour Girls professional in-house photography service which can provide a comprehensive portfolio tailored to your budget.

As a traditional, geographical and location-based business, Glamour Girls has face-to-face meetings with clients located in the Canberra City and ACT area of Australia. We also, operating via the Internet, can bring clients together elsewhere in Australia, and in a number of countries soley via the Internet and E-mail systems.

We can be contacted by phone on (02) 6288-3878, or on our Contact Us page for general enquiries. If you want to become a Glamour Girls Model or Hire a Model, please fill in the relevant registration form. Please note that models from other Australian States and Territories, as well as International models are welcome to join Glamour Girls. In our modern global village linked via e-mail, phone and internet our services can reach all corners of the globe and high quality service can be supplied by Glamour Girls, regardless of your location whether you are a model, or a hirer of models.

Glamour Girls News and Notices

Our amateur and professional photographer clients require bikini, lingerie and figure models for the production of images for art gallery, photo competition, portfolio, publication, student assessment and hobby purposes.

If you have a particular interest in this work as a registered Glamour Girls model please notify us of your interest. If you have not yet joined our agency please feel most welcome to register with us on our Registration page. No modelling experience is necessary.

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This model agency is a fully independent firm and, despite its' name, is NOT associated with any sex industry company.