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Links Page

The following Links are to specific vendors or partners who are relevant to our industry.

Schmitt Services

Schmitt Services are providers of Accounting, Computer Hardware & Software, Domain Name Registrations, Website Hosting, Website Design, amongst other business activities, and currently assist with design implimentation and updating of the Glamour Girls Website.

Wicked Weasel

Wicked Weasel are providers of micro bikini & other minimalist clothing. Click on the above logo to visit their site.

Ciritcal Bench

The above link will take you to the Critical Bench website, specifically their Fitness Models section.

These are some internationally famous glamour photographers whose works help to illustrate the great diversity of this form of modelling. Following are some Google image searches:

Margaret Kalms is one of our Art Photographers

Glamour Girls model agency strongly supports "Sex-Positive" or "Pro-Sex" Feminism as explained comprehensively at the "Sex-Positive Feminism" entry on Wikipedia .  We recommend this and related philosophies for those who value political freedom in general and sexual freedom in particular very highly.

Every Womans Accessories

Many of our Glamour Girls models are multi-talented people who have achieved much during their young lives. An example of this is the entrepreneurial flair shown by Pamela from the Australian Capital Territory (see her portfolio here  and working as a model at the Canberra Fringe Festival  and the Metal Trades Association Annual Fair) who has started her very own online jewellery shop. Please show your solidarity with, and support for, Pamela by visiting her website and preferably making a purchase there. We assure you there can be few more deserving souls than the lovely Pamela.